The search engine results were being exported to Microsoft Excel Software

The search engine results were being exported to Microsoft Excel Software

And two scientists reviewed the Title and Abstract (and the entire textual content when essential) of each and every one of many 565 articles or blog posts in an effort to find only the article content that have cryptocurrency as the leading issue. Each and every researcher executed the categorization independently, and after that equally compared and talked about the differences found. Based upon this first Evaluation, 162 articles or blog posts have been excluded because their intent was not directly associated with cryptocurrency, they’ve only cited cryptocurrency for example for other subjects (sixty two content articles), or their concentration was to the blockchain know-how (96 article content) or the complete textual content wasn’t obtainable for further more Investigation (4 content). Moreover this, 44 articles discuss the know-how (blockchain) with focus on cryptocurrency as enhancements for this technological innovation and ended up also excluded. The 359 remaining articles were being downloaded as well as their content material was categorized inside the matters mentioned in the following area, that emerged during the Examination according to the function from the write-up.This literature overview follows the ways summarized in Determine 2 according to Sampaio and Mancini (2007). Depending on the investigate queries described on this page, a lookup in the Web Of Science database was carried out in Oct sixteenth, 2018, limited to “Article content” as the document type. The words utilized to find the content by topic (title, summary or search phrases) ended up: “crypto-currency”, “crypto-currencies”, “cryptocurrency”, “cryptocurrencies”, “cryptocurrency”, “cryptocurrencies”, “cryptocoin”, “crypto-coin”, “crypto cash”, “electronic currency” and “virtual currency”. The text “bitcoin” and “bitcoins” ended up also provided due to the relevance of Bitcoin as the initial cryptocurrency designed.

One of the most Regular investigate subject is the economics of cryptocurrency

With 139 articles; 89 posts are devoted to the discussion of the character, definition, and purposes of cryptocurrency (subject matter 2), For example: whether it is it income or not, thinking of theories of money (Šurda, 2014; Bjerg, 2016). Legislation and regulation also are resolved (topic 3) as crimes associated with cryptocurrency (subject 4) and the security, privacy and anonymity problems (matter 5). Other than this, the future of this technological innovation (subject 6) is also a key matter recognized.Jointly, 228 articles or blog posts are related to the definition and economics of cryptocurrency (topics 1 and a couple of in Determine 4). As stated by Fry and Cheah (2016, p. 345), “in the literature it stays unclear regarding whether or not […] cryptocurrencies need to be found as an alternative currency or for a speculative asset”. Funds could be described when it comes to 3 properties: a medium of Trade, retailer of value and device of account (Bjerg, 2016; Smit, Buekens, & Du Plessis, 2016; Bariviera, Basgall, Hasperue, & Naiouf, 2017). You will find a consensus that crypto-coins are a means of exchange (a electronic) by most authors, but there is present research displaying that more people are using the cryptocurrency for investment uses than as a medium of Trade (Baur, Hong, & Lee, 2018). Nonetheless, there isn’t any arrangement about the store of worth and device of account. Smit et al. (2016) recognized the a few properties of money within the cryptocurrencies. Others, as Bariviera et al. (2017) concluded that cryptocurrencies can’t be considered revenue, largely due to its instability, not attending The shop of benefit function. Swartz (2018) explained it is simply igniting debates concerning the rule of money from the Modern society, however it has not been applied as funds.

A lot of scientific studies try to clarify and forecast these Trade fees

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, are attaining interest because of this instability that’s producing a superior market place price tag and has captivated investors (Bohme, Christin, Edelman, & Moore, 2015; Zhu, Dickinson, & Li, 2017b), but, concurrently, trying to keep them careful, offered the unclear situations regarding market place liquidity and protection guidelines, creating vulnerability in transactions (Scaillet, Treccani, & Trevisan, 2017). In a single year (November 2016-2017), Bitcoin cost has lifted over 871%, Ethereum 2493% and Litecoin 1155% (Coinbase, 2017).Kim (2015) argued that cryptocurrencies prices could be described because of the decentralized Management framework, the key intent of Nakamoto (2008). Other authors argued that bigger exchange premiums are a result of speculation, in place of cryptocurrencies getting used being a medium of exchange (Cheah & Fry, 2015; Zhu et al., 2017b). Li and Wang (2017) agree that speculation could describe the cryptocurrency industry selling price, but only throughout the early sector. Now, In keeping with Denning and Lewis (2017), it’s reacting to financial disorders. Bariviera et al. (2017) assess the substantial volatility of Bitcoin and predict that its value are going to be decreased as time passes.Now, greater than being familiar with the reasons driving the exchange price, Kim et al. (2016) proposed a method to forecast fluctuations in the costs of cryptocurrencies with the user remarks and posted replies in on the internet communities. Kristoufek (2013) compares Net lookups (Google and Wikipedia), and Garcia, Tessone, Mavrodiev, and Perony (2014) analyzed Twitter and Internet (Google Trends) data to explain Bitcoin value adjustments, such as. Nevertheless, Wang and Vergne (2017) argued that perhaps cryptocurrency price tag versions can’t be defined with the Assessment of on-line information and facts or latest income theories. They describe that cryptocurrency is really a technology that consists of an actual innovation probable and can’t be when compared to standard currencies or commodities.

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