New Slingo Slot Game Releases

New Slingo Slot Game Releases

Over the several thousand years that the human race has been gambling there have been countless innovations that have helped drive the industry forwards, and without these we’re pretty sure gambling wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular as it is today either. For example, the classic casino game of roulette was invented in the early 1800s, and if it wasn’t for this the era of super casinos across Europe may never have happened.

More recently, the invention of slot machines back in the late 1800s by the Californian engineer Charles D. Fey ushered in a new wave of casino gambling, something that ultimately culminated in the emergence of online slots at the beginning of the 21st century. Online slots are seriously popular these days, and they have also resulted in an interesting offshoot called slingo  – join Mr Luck. Read on for some new slingo slot game releases.

What in the world is slingo?

But hang on a minute, what even is slingo? This is a question that we’re sure many of you will be asking, because slingo is still a fairly obscure game, although its popularity has been rising quickly over the last few years. In essence, slingo is a bit like a direct mash-up between online slots and bingo, where players spin the reels that are synonymous with online slots, and then hope that the numbers that appear correspond with those that are on the bingo scorecards that are placed beneath the reels.

On the face of it slingo is a pretty exciting fusion of two of the most popular gambling games currently available, and most gambling analysts expect its popularity to grow as the years drew on. Funnily enough the idea for slingo was created all the way back in the 90s, however it is only recently that technology allowed for it to be realised.

The best new slingo slot game releases

Now you know a bit about slingo, hold tight for some of the best new slingo slot game releases over the past year or two:

  • Slingo Lightning: Slingo Lightning is an extraordinarily electrifying slingo game that uses the traditional slingo design, however is played using a 50 ball bingo variant, rather than the more common 75 ball variety. The aesthetic for Slingo Lightning is stormy, as you might expect from its title, and this makes for an immersive and atmospheric play. All the best slingo games are also packed with cool bonus features, and Slingo Lightning includes wilds, super wilds, free spins and blockers. It all makes for a wicked slingo experience!
  • Slingo Fluffy Favourites: Fluffy Favourites is undeniably one of the most iconic online slots of all time, having entertained millions of slot gamblers since its release by Eyecon. It is so successful that the Austalian developer has made two sequels already, and now we have been treated to a slingo version too! Fluffy Favourites Slingo is very similar to the original Fluffy Favourites, with the developers making a series of small alterations to make sure the bingo element fits.

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