How to set up a Shower Faucet The ideal Way

How to set up a Shower Faucet The ideal Way

In contrast to setting up a faucet for the kitchen area sink or basin you’ll find this is way tougher. To do this position you will require a Allen wrench, multi-head screwdriver, adjustable wrench, copper cutters, torch, hearth-resistant shielding, and possibly PEX cutters and crimpers.

To alter out the shower tap you need to get access to the back of the shower. If you are going to tile the front you can find access in the entrance and do The work like that. As most showers would not have shutoff valves you need to shut off your principal water provide and drain the drinking water lines in your house.

Now consider from the deal with as well as encounter plate from the faucet.

Subsequent Lower in to the wall in the front or back again on the shower. You will require a hole big plenty of to chop the aged valve out and to secure a torch in to solder the new faucet into area. If the house is newer You may have PEX water lines, but you should even now Use a copper riser on the showerhead.

You will need to solder copper tube on to the fitting that you will be about to thread on to the faucet, Except if you purchase the kind of valve that requires to solder straight on the faucet. If this is the circumstance Make sure you go ahead and take stem out so that you don’t have any complications later on from melting The interior areas.

As soon as you cut out the outdated shower valve you will need to measure to verify The brand new faucet will in shape into put. If not you must Reduce the front from the shower to generate this match correctly. Put Teflon about the threads right before threading the  Copper taps brass by copper or brass by PEX fittings on to the faucet. In some cases a shower valve is intended for both a shower plus a tub/shower set up. If This is actually the situation there must be a brass plug to thread into The underside with the valve.

Secure the faucet tightly to your bit of wood or 2by4.

When you have the new fittings in position then area the faucet in The situation in the outdated faucet. Now solder, or crimp the h2o strains on to the new unit. Get from the outdated showerhead and spot a nipple and cap into the feminine joint. Now shutoff anything you opened to drain your home and switch the drinking water to your house back again on. Look for any leaks. If anything is sweet go and turn the water again off and drain your home. Then just take off the nipple and cap and area the shower arm and head into the feminine thread. Install the faceplate and also the cope with and switch the water again on. Ensure the handle is in the appropriate location. Otherwise, take the take care of off and rotate.

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