How to choose the right gem?

How to choose the right gem?

Gemstones are used for various purposes since ancient times. They are very beautiful. Gemstones are believed to bring happiness and maintain a good health. Different people have different belief regarding gemstones. It is important that the selected gemstone is the right gemstone because if not than it can also lead to have an opposite effect.  So, choosing the right gemstone with the help of an expert is extremely important. Gemstones are used all over the world. There are a number of brands where one can buy gem from Gem selections is one those brands that deals in quality gems.Selecting the right gemstone can be a tough task. Different gemstones have different characteristics and different identity. Every gemstone has different colour. The richness of the colour of gemstones determines the cost of the gemstone. Richer colour means more expensive the gemstone. Clarity is also one of the determining characteristics of gemstone. Below we will discuss some tips regarding how to choose a gem that is suitable for an individual needs and desires.

  • Selecting a goal or an issue individual wants to address: The first step of selecting the right gemstone is one should be aware about the area that he/she wants to bring a change in. In order to do that, an individual should know about the problem that he/she is facing, what is his or her most important concern, the way he/she wants to grow.
  • Looking through the gem collection: There are gems that are particularly used for a specific area of concern. After being aware of the area of concern, one should focus on selecting the gem that has similar focus. Such as –
  1. Emotional healing: Gems that focus on emotional healing can help in improving emotional balance and heal disturbed emotions that bring pain and sorrow. They help in fostering sense of happiness.
  2. Spiritual awareness: Certain gemstones focus on bringing spiritual awareness. They help in strengthening of our consciousness and intuition.
  3. Physical healing: Some gems can heal the body physically and discharge toxins and negative energy that are stored in body.
  4. Multidimensional healing: There are certain gems that are very versatile in nature and can be used for multidimensional healing that is they are used for diverse purposes.
  • As per horoscope: One can also select the gemstone based on their horoscope or birth chart. Selecting the gemstone with the help of an astrologer based on astrology is important. It is recommended that the astrologer selected for advice on the choosing the appropriate gemstone should be experienced.
  • Chakra gemstone: There are seven major chakras that are present in human body. There are gemstones that are associated with these chakras. Gemstones help in chakra healing.

Nowadays there are number of online websites where one can shop for gems. SBM story covers an article on gemstones. India has become one of the largest markets of gemstones. Buying stones directly from online sites cuts the middle man and saves the extra cost of charges that were to be paid to the middle man. Khanna gems deals in gems that are procured directly from the mines this eliminates the risk that is connected with the middle man. Elimination of middle man lowers the cost of procurement of gem stone. An individual should be aware that whether the gem he/she is buying is certified and genuine. One cannot determine the authenticity of the gem by just looking at it. The outer look of the gem may deceive the buyer. One can find a number of sellers selling artificial gems in the market. It is advisable that an individual who is buying gem should only buy a certified gem stone and also look for authenticity mark if any. Certification of authenticity for gems is provided by the government. Online websites that sells gem stones have provided easy access to gem stone shopping. Gemstones are categorised, all a person has to do is select the relevant category as per their requirements. Choosing the right gemstone is very important. Some of the benefits of gemstones are as follow:

  1. It helps in channelling energy by breaking it up.
  2. It helps in healing of different chakras that are present in human body.
  3. Helps a person relaxing and gain inner peace.
  4. Stability of emotional, physical and mental health.

One should consult an expert before choosing and buying the gem stone. Because selecting the wrong gemstone is believed to have adverse effects and may not be able to prove beneficial for the individual. There are a number of free online experts as well that offers their advice on selecting the right gem stone. Selecting the right gemstone depends on factors such as birth date of the individual, day and time on the date of birth. They can sometimes be focused on the problem or their healing properties as well. There are a number of gemstones such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald and many more. Gemstones can be categorised into different category depending on their value. If a person is wearing a combination of gemstones he must be careful about the fact that the gemstones should be compatible with each other.

The benefits associated with gemstones may not hold true for everyone. Even before wearing a gemstones there are a number of steps that need to be followed in order to attain the positive affects related with the particular gemstone.  Gemstones are not only high in value but also hold significance. An individual should make sure that they are buying durable gemstone. Some people also believe that gemstone can reduce past karmic actions. There are a number of people who still see gemstones as a piece of jewellery. Diamonds are very rare due to which they are considered as symbol luxury. Prosperity stone is also known as sapphire whereas emerald is considered to have healing properties. Some gemstones need to be protected whereas some gemstones are strong and durable for example diamond. The prices of gemstones might vary due to volatility and moreover unorganised gemstone market.

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