Best 2 Stage Snow Blower under $1000:

Best 2 Stage Snow Blower under $1000:

Guys! If you are looking for 2 stages snowblower with great quality and performance and under $1000, then you are at the right place. Snow blowers work quickly to make your path clean so, if you deal with heavy snowfall or wet snow, then you must need a snow blower.

In such strong competition, we have compiled a list of the very best 2 stage snow blower under $1000. So, if you find this article helpful for you, then must read it till the end!

Here, we’ve selected 2 stage snow blowers and their details:

  • Champion 2 Stage Snow Blower.
  • Tack life 2 Stage Snow Blower.
  • Power smart DB72024 2 Stage Snow Blower.


  1. Champion 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower:

    Champion is a smaller brand than others due to its power tools function. Its many components are available at a very low price. This blower has a large engine with great performance. It has a 224 CC engine that is more powerful than the 208CC engine. It has also an electric start function and it takes 120 volts to start. The cutting depth of this blower is 21 inches which are good enough for you. This blower has 6 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds that allow you to work easily even on a heavy surface.

    The good factor about this blower is that it can shoot snow up to 25 feet away which is good enough for you to work easily. The drawback of this machine is that it has a maximum clearing depth of 12 inches, which made it a little bit difficult to work in the deep snow. Out of all the snow blowers we discussed, this is also the best one.


    • It has 224 CC gas engine.
    • It consist of 24-inch blade width and 21-inch cutting depth.
    • It works at 120-volt electric start.
    • It offers best durability of12-inch carbon steel auger.
    • It shoots snow up to 25 feet away.



    • The clearing depth is low.
    1. TACKLIFE 2 Stage Snow Blower:

      Here is the sec last two-stage snow blower present in this article which is from Tack life. Just like other blowers this one is also affordable and provides many features. However, it is the cheapest option for all of that. If your budget is low then you can easily purchase it. It provides a 20-inch wide auger that is powered by a 15 amp electric motor.

      This blower motor is powerful, so you can get 800 pounds per minute of moving capacity. This blower is quite affordable for domestic as well as for commercial usage. It requires a 3000RPM motor to shoot up snow. The cutting depth of this blower is 10 inches.


      • It consist of 4 blades and 10-inch cutting depth.
      • It deals with 15 amp electric motor.
      • It shoots snow up to 30 feet away.
      • It requires 3000 RPM motor speed.
      • The throwing capacity of this blower is 800 pounds.



      • Less compatible than others.


      1.          PowerSmart DB7622H 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower:

      The power smart is our last pick in this article. This one is also a great product. It requires a 212cc motor. It doesn’t require more power. It consists of a control variation of 4 forward and 2 in the reverse direction. The best thing is that when you are dealing with heavy snow the 13-inch tires provides you great performance. The throwing up the speed of this blower is 40 feet which are good enough for you.

      The drawback of this blower is that it contains a lack of capability to start. Because this blower is starting manually. So by testing it is a good pick for low price customers.


      • It consist of 4 blades and 10-inch cutting depth.
      • It provide 180º chute rotation.
      • It consist of control variation of 4 forward and 2 in reverse direction.
      • It shoots snow up to 40 feet away.
      • Simple and easy to assemble.



      • Lack of capability to start.


      Now we are summing up guys. Hopefully, you can get much guidance through the above detail. All the blowers we discussed above are very comfortable and user-friendly. The electric start technology and LED light make them different from others.​

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